Friday, September 28, 2012

Morgan's Poem

By Morgan Iris Jarrell
Age 7

My Grandma is a Witch
But she does not look like one

Even though she isn't rich
She is very fun

She looks like a Monkey
But she is not one

She likes cats
And she likes crows

Wearing pointed hats
with her pointed nose
and she always likes a dead rose

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cousin Gertrude is a Witch

Cousin Gertrude is a Witch
It's a secret
Please don't snitch

She has a cat named
Wicked Spell
Her Kitty knows, but she won't tell

Her favorite day
is Halloween
She dresses up and makes a scene

The kiddies all
stop by her her place
They come to see her witchy face

Her spooky house
is quite a sight
Old and shabby, full of fright

Too bad it only
 lasts one day
Then the fun all goes away

Back to boring
Back to gloom
Thank goodness for her magic broom

If you look
up in the sky
and see something strange flying by

Don't be scared
Don't be shy
Just wave and tell Miss Gertude hi!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taking Flight

Halloween night
Time to take flight!

Dressed all in black
Striped stockings, pointed hat

Leather button up shoes.

Grab cape and broom
We'll be meeting soon

Applying red lipstick
Frizz up your hair, QUICK!

We're ready for our Halloween cruise.

Under the willow tree
We gather, wild and free

What a sight we are
Sisters from near and far

To our cats we all bid adieux

Forming a circle, off we go!
What will happen, no one knows

Soaring high above the tree tops
Wishing we never had to stop!

Nothing can beat this glorious view!

C Tevis

Thursday, October 27, 2011


The sun goes down
And all over town
The creatures begin to emerge

Up the street they go
From door to door they tow
Their goody bags filled to the brim

Porch lights shine bright
Oh what a sight
What's that in front of the moon?

A witch it might be!
A real sight to see!
I can hear her cackle and scream!

A magical night
of fun and fright
The kiddies don't want to go home.

by C Tevis

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sisters of Gloom

On Halloween night
They're causing a fright
Flying past the moon

Three Sisters set free
A real sight to see
Upon their enchanted brooms

The kiddies all hide
but secretly wish they could ride
through the sky with a zoom

The trio descents
with feverish intent
hitting the ground with a boom

The porch lights go out
Even the grown ups do shout
Locking themselves in their rooms

The black cats however
Are not afraid, never
They'll be greeting the gang of three soon

They don't wish to hide
Hopefully joining the ride
Sitting along side their masters of doom

Look up in the sky
On Halloween, don't be shy
And you may spot the Sisters of gloom

C Tevis

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Old Hag

As I walk through the forest
I peek through the trees
Standing in the clearing
I see an old Hag

Cackle, cackle
Stir the pot
See the potion bubbling hot

Secret spell I hear her chant
Mysterious words she does incant

As she dances round the flames intent
I realize for whom the spell is meant

Tis meant for those that upon her sneak
with this thought, my knees grow weak

Time to run, time to flee
before the spell takes hold of me

But I can not move
I can not run
Seems my time is almost done

As I sink upon the ground
feeling like my legs are bound

my body melts onto the grass
I breathe once more, it is my last

If you should come upon a Hag in the woods
dancing and chanting, it would not be good.

Turn around and go back home
lock your doors and hide alone.

Pull your shutters tight
be still with all your might.

by C Tevis

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Old Banshee

I hear the cry of the old Banshee
In the night as black as coal

Oh Lady do not scream for me
Come for another's soul

Tis growing nearer this I fear
I cannot bear to sleep

For when the morning light shines clear
Ye shall hear the mourners weep
C Tevis

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heart of a Gypsy

Heart of gold
Young and old
Beauty from the soul

Spirit's free
A root-less tree
Tumbling down the knoll

Strength and grace
Dressed in lace
Many fortunes told

Thoughtful Face
A fond embrace
Love forever bold

Heart of a gypsy

by C Tevis

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Creature Of Torment a short story by C Tevis

The moon is full tonight 'neath the smokey clouds. In the distance I hear a howl, followed by a heart wrenching whimper. An unnatural disturbance.
Hiding in the shadows a desperate soul is torn between what is decent and the horrible urge that consumes him. An inner turmoil of massive proportions. Suddenly the urge gains momentum as the moon illuminates his wretched silhouette.
He starts off toward town, creeping along the dark corners, behind the bushes. he must not allow himself to be seen by anyone. Appearing not, as man nor animal, but rather a strange combination of the two. A beast of sorts, with a human heart beating inside.
Suprised by his heightened senses. He hears, smells, and sees everything with such clarity. Yes, the turmoil is leaving, the urge has won. He has one purpose now. He is on the hunt. Suddenly he spots movement in the clearing. He smells life nearby. Listening with intent, he hears a distant voice, innocent laughter.
As he begins to slither toward the laughter, he notices the world around him starts to change. Branches on the trees begin to glimmer....a gentle light shines all around him. Panic sets in....
The fear of being noticed, of someone screaming. As the light becomes brighter, he hobbles behind an old barn. His head grows dizzy as humility re-enters his soul. Lying in the wet grass he slowly regains his composure. Standing upright he begins to walk toward the main road.
Passing by his neighbors, waving and smiling at each one. He wonders what they must think of his tattered clothing and what horrific headlines he will read. ...So is the life of a werewolf.......

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SPOOKY'S HALLOWEEN by cindy tevis

Spooky the cat loves Halloween
It's her favorite day of the year

Dressing up like Witchie Poo
With all of her witchy gear

Sneaking out the window on Witchie's best broom
Trying to learn how to steer

Look out! she yells at the kiddies below
as she soars through the street with a zoom

The kids can hear her blood curdling scream
Right before she lands with a boom

Hobbling home with her head hanging low
dragging what's left of her ride

Knowing that when she finally gets home
She'd better find a safe place to hide!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Something by cindy tevis

It's Halloween night and there you see
Something hiding behind the tree

Is it a goblin or a mean old witch,
Searching the limbs for the perfect switch?

Maybe a ghostie floating in air
Or a creepy werewolf with lot's of hair

All you know is that you have to pass by
That "something" and then you try not to cry

Tip toeing up to the grand old oak
The something jumps out at you wearing a cloak!

You scream until you run out of wind!
The something starts laughing... it was only your friend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

THE OLD HOUSE ON THE HILL by cindy tevis

There's an old house on the hill
No one lives there but still
At midnight the neighbors all hear

Creaking and groaning
Laughing and moaning
Sounds guaranteed to strike fear

Sneak up to the window, look inside, take a peek
Something is moving in the corner, don't shriek!

It may be a mouse or an old alley cat
Look out! here it comes, it's a vampire bat!

Spider webs cover The dusty old chair
Making us feel we had better beware

No one lives there at least not the kind that we see
What is that over by the old willow tree?
It's so foggy and misty I really can't see
If it comes any nearer I may have to flee!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

All Hallows Eve by cindy tevis

The old man in the moon looks down from the sky
On all Hallows Eve he must keep an eye
On the witches and goblins and Ghoulies too
To make sure that they don't come after you!

He sees the black cats march up the street
Holding their jack o lanterns filled up with treats
Passing them out to the kiddies so sweet
Dressed up as ghosties in  mother's old sheets

Next comes the monsters creepy and scary
Freaky and weird and mostly just hairy
He watches them as they sneak around
Hiding in the shadows all over town

The wise owl sits on the old man's chin
Ready to fly down in case trouble begins
Keeping the night safe is what they do
Whooo goes there...the owl says, what's that I hear? - BOO!

Saturday, April 24, 2010



Wandering along grassy paths
Stories set in stone
Looming granite monuments
Tower those reduced to bone

Feeling sadness for the lost ones
that never made it home
Knowing one day I will join them
Six feet under and alone

Someone walks along my grassy path
What are they thinking of
They read my tombstone and they wonder
how much I was loved

I am no longer sad
for I know the truth is this
Our trials upon this earth are brief
But paradise is infinite bliss

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

THE FRIGHT OF YOUR LIFE by cindy tevis

The old hag is sweeping her doorstep tonight
Preparing for the big affair
The kiddies will come all dressed up for delight
Oblivious that they should beware

They won't notice her cackle or shabby old face
As they step up near her silhouette
Tis the night to dress up all over the place
But this visit they will never forget

She smiles at the ghosties and goblins and such
And then she invites them inside
Showing them treats that enchant them so much
They stand their with bags open wide

Soon the lights become dim
and the kiddies get scared
Her face looks so grim
No child will be spared

Heed this warning dear children
On Halloween night
Don't walk up to old houses
Lest you prepare for the fright
of your life!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

THE GOOD TIMES by cindy tevis

Inside the old barn on halloween night
Is a picture that warms my heart
The folks are dressed up, it is quite a site
Even the grown ups will want to take part

The lanterns are glowing with their toothy grins
Kids bob for apples with all of their friends
Costume contests take place and everyone wins
Hay bales are piled in the cart

Festive ruffles adorn the old cob webby place
It's never looked better than this
We have managed to fill up every space
With exhileration and bliss

These are times to remember for many a year
Cherish and treasure and share
And pass on the tradtion of halloween cheer
Show our children how much that we care

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MY WORST FEAR by cindy tevis

Out in the woods
Is a place that exists
It's humid and dark
As I walk through the mist

I see shadows and strange lights
Dead tree limbs around
In this secret place that is
Void of all sound

So quiet and peaceful
And eerily pleasant
You would never know
That these creatures are present

They slither and crawl
Under broken down shacks
Melting away like
Such fluid wax

The silence is broken
By a raven's call
She seems to be
Sending a warning to all

Watch out!
Is the message
She cries in the trees

I hear her and suddenly
I know I should freeze

I can not see it or hear it
But I feel it begin
To overwhelm me
From somewhere within

Just then I awaken
And I know where I've been
It's a place that I've visited now and again

The name of that place
Suddenly becomes clear
The name of that place
-------cindy tevis

Sunday, December 27, 2009


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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween ! A new poem to read.

graphic by: alicia patrick

By Cindy Tevis


Standing in a dark space with creeping things around
Spiders crawling in the corner, black cats crouching down

Potions bubble
Smoldering trouble
It's time to get out
On the double!

Scary places, distorted faces
You run and something behind you chases

No way out, you hit a wall
Fall to the ground and begin to crawl

You see the light begin to shine
Just as you were to about to whine

Feeling relief embrace your soul
Getting out alive is your goal

As you flee you lose your shoe
Who cares, you say

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Wonderful Poem by Steven Curran

graphic by: xxreaperskissxx

Vampire Coffee

With stretching arms and a big long yawn
And habitually avoiding the sun
He looked around and thought aloud
Something other than blood would be fun...

So he thought and thought and thought some more
And now he could not wait
Its warm and sweet and so very delicious
A coffee would be great...

But before he left to get his treat
Something inside him was not quite right
Could he leave his home without first drinking blood
And still control his ferocious bite...

That settles it as he shut the door
And made his way across town
I'm doing so well and what are the odds
There isn't a soul around...

At last he arrived at "Joe's Coffee Shoppe"
Read the sign hung above the door
As he made his way in and carefully got on
The line that wrapped 'round the floor...

He could not believe at this time of night
So many others wanted coffee too
For the taste of their blood tortured him now
They would run if they had but a clue...

His mind had strayed then finally his turn to order his wish
With flickering eyes that feared certain doom
Just concentrate on why you've come
And how you'll be safe at home soon...

Inches away from his neck and instinctively driving him mad
His bloodlust substantially grew
And suddenly snapped back from his breaking point
Only to realize he was being spoken to...

Welcome my friend and what can I get ya
How bout a nice cup of joe he said
He gulped and tensed up as sweat ran down his face
I'll just have some coffee instead...

All contributed content © Steven Curran (Haunted Hayride) 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

HALLOWEEN ELVES by cindy tevis

graphic by: gothkytten

Halloween Elves
By" Cindy Tevis

Working loyally all year long
To this elite group do we belong

Brushes, paint, and stitchery
Complete with all the witchery

Santa's elves have nothing on us
The red and green and all that fuss

It’s orange and black that does us right
And on October 31 we'll all take flight

You’ll see our brooms fly though the air
Dropping our goodies here and there

Black cats, bats and JOL’s
The kinds of things that’ll make you yell

It’s Halloween hip hip hooray!
Our very best'est favorite day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Never too old! by cindy tevis

(graphic by blackhappiness22)

By Cindy Tevis

It's the big night once again
now you don't need to pretend
That you are to old for this fun!

Dress up and go knocking
at the doors you'll be stopping
getting treats from everyone!

So they want to look under
your mask, and they wonder
how old of kid you must be.

Let them be nosy and bold
You know that you're not too old!
after all, your a mere ninety-three.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Steven's poetry #3!

Third in the series
By Steven Curran

The Rose Calamity

Have you ever really looked
At a boquet of roses
The eyes and the ears
The mouths and the noses...

For when you do buy them
They are pretty my friend
But has anyone ever told you
What takes place start to end...

They are put in a vase
That is filled half with water
And herein the beginning
Of all the disorder...

At first they stand straight
Seen by the naked eye
But can you see their legs and arms
Oh no, its no lie...

They reach out to choke
The other one's stem
With the most pompous of attitudes
They could never be friends...

It's a fierce competition
To see who can last
And the ones that wilt over
To the nether so do pass...

For the last rose is standing
All others have died
And to her mighty glory
An ill-fated surprise...

In short time comes the human
With outstretching hands that thrash
Firm grip upon the roses
Snatched up in a flash...

And for a brief moment
If that rose only knew
What was considered victorious
Was a farce through and through...

Thrown away to the garbage
Together laid to rest
And the biggest lesson learned
Interdependence or death...

Next time they will work
Together as one
To escape the evil vase

All contributed content © Steven Curran (Haunted Hayride) 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

TRICK OR TREAT US RIGHT! by cindy tevis

We have much more from Steven coming up soon, but I had to post my newest poem.
A little Halloween Enthusiast Humor
A new one from me.

(graphic by: chibiville)

By: Cindy Tevis

Hidden from view
Dark, and spooky
Is the world of a few
Just a little kookie

It’s the land of Halloween

Others can’t comprehend
Even though they pretend
To show interest
In this world that we’ve found

We can’t imagine a life
Without Pumpkins and spiders
Candy corn treats
and hot apple cider

Breathing the black
The orange, and white
Never harming a soul
Or causing a fright

Just leave us to our little town

But when October comes by
They all want to fly
Over to our side of sanity

We are the best folks around
When Halloween parties abound
Which serves as a boost to our vanity

Just treat us right
Or this Halloween night
You may get a big revelation

Instead of inviting you
To our big event
You may be our new decoration!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Kind of Town by cindy tevis

I wish I lived in Halloween
It is where I belong
Old Scary movies on TV
All the whole year long

Costume parties every night
Around each corner a new fright
Decorations to delight
Creatures glowing in blacklight

If I could just find this place
I would never leave
C. Tevis

Oh Yeah.... Halloween by cindy tevis

Cauldrons of treats

Too much to eat
Door bell dongs
Trick or treat songs
Kids cover the street
Families meet
The time of year
We have nothing to fear
Having some fun
Before the night’s done
Simply Halloween
C. Tevis

Autunm Breeze by cindy tevis

Listen to the crow caw
Feel the Autumn Breeze
Let the season draw you in
Soon comes Winter's freeze
C. Tevis

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fairy Miracles

Do you believe in things unseen?
Miracles you can't explain?
Have you ever heard the fluttering of wings?
Felt a softness on your skin as if caressed by a breeze?
Thought you heard soft music playing?
Smelled a heavenly fragrance in the air?
Have you ever had an overwhelming feeling
of love when alone?
Felt a new burst of energy when you
couldn't take another step?
If not, I assure you if you lay your cares and worries aside,
and for a moment be a part of all creation
you will find there just may be a fairy nearby.

Sherry Byrum
Byrum Art

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Darkness by cindy tevis

This is my submission for a challenge in SEHA (along with a little art work) for May. So it's a sneak peek, so to say.

Deep in the woods, cauldrons bubble
Witches screech as they're stirring up trouble
Dark Fairies quiver around the flames
Reciting all of their enemies names

The moon glows red with fury and fright
While peering down on this ominous sight
Bad things happen out in the deep
Dark, dark woods while we are asleep

Snug at home in our nice little beds
With pleasant dreams filling our heads
If we only knew what evil abounds
In the darkest corners of our little towns

We must only hope that our sacred names
Are not being chanted around those flames
Sleep well, sleep well through the hours of darkness
The sun will shine soon and in all of it's starkness

The creatures will go back to their shadowy world
And we'll not be aware of the strife they've unfurled
C. Tevis

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Halloween Is Here by Claire!

Halloween is here
When ghosts and ghouls appear
Black cats and witches come out at night
And sail on broomsticks in full flight!

Claire Hughes

See her blog: Clairedulalune
My first poem entry and prize winner! Congrats Claire! Great poem too!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Light's Out! by cindy tevis

Gusting wind, and dark, dark skies
Cheshire smiles and glowing eyes
Creeping things are all around
Your deepest fears are what you've found
Inside your soul, you want to scream
But, it's Ok it's Halloween!

Stopping at each lighted porch
Holding dear your flashlight torch
Knock on the door, it'll be alright
You must enjoy this magic night
For soon the chimes will strike eight
Then you'll sadly meet your fate

It's down the street and home you go
With your mask and bag in tow
In bed, and ready to take a bite
Mother says "Turn out the light"
. . . "enough excitement for one night"

C. Tevis

Sleepy Days by cindy tevis

The rustle of dry leaves under your feet

The distant smell of fire

How warmth feels when it's leaving the air

Our days are growing tired

Rally in the season

Enjoy it 'till the end

Capture the feeling

It's Halloween once again!

C. Tevis

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Favorite Night by cindy tevis

Listen to the cauldron bubble

Hear the distant cackles

Witches flying overhead

Ghosts below in shackles

Little spooks and goblins conjuring up fright!

I'm so glad it's Halloween

It's my favorite night!
C. Tevis

Orange Soldiers by cindy tevis

Ever grinning, shining bright

Lit within by candle light

from our porches they are seen

Orange soldiers of Halloween

Always watchful in the night

To guard us from an awful fright!

C. Tevis

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Spooky House by cindy tevis

Walk up to a spooky house

Being quiet as a mouse

Feel the hair rise on your back

As you walk into the black

You run and try to open the door

But it won't open anymore

You try the window, but it's stuck tight

You know you won't survive the night

All you wanted was a treat

Your mortal fate is what you meet

If you make it through this fright

You'll stick with houses that have a light.

C. Tevis

The Experience by cindy tevis

Walking down a dark street

Lit with candle flame

Knocking on a strange door

Being asked your name

Creatures roaming everywhere giving you a fright!

Oh it must be Halloween

The very best'est night.

C. Tevis

Halloween Memories by cindy tevis

Memories of days gone by

Jack O Lanterns glowing

Trick or treaters everywhere

With pure excitement showing

Friends and family gather 'round

Party times then abound

These are things that we hold dear

Building memories year by year

C. Tevis


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